Guide to wholesale offers
Learn more about these unique investment opportunities only available to accredited investors.
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What is a wholesale offer

Equitise facilitates investment opportunities that are only accessible by accredited investors. We enable our investor community to invest “deal-by-deal” in specific, highly sought after growth businesses that are ordinarily quite difficult to secure firm allocations for. A wholesale offer is a traditional form of private company capital raising. Wholesale refers to the exclusivity of the deal to wholesale investors, as opposed to an equity crowdfund or IPO that is open to retail investors. Wholesale offers can involve ordinary shares in addition to alternative instruments such as convertible notes. These offers are generally less restricted by financial regulations owing to the classification hurdles faced by wholesale investors.

Who can invest

A wholesale investor is defined in different ways, whether you are from Australia, New Zealand, or further abroad. Also known as sophisticated or accredited investors, these individuals are generally characterised by higher income, asset levels or specific investing experience. These factors enable governments to place fewer restrictions on their investments. To see if you qualify as a wholesale/sophisticated investor, refer to this article here.

Why we do wholesale offers

It’s important to note that while these offers are considered more exclusive than retail offers, they are not necessarily ‘better’ investments. Wholesale offers arise for a wide range of reasons, and quite often this decision can come down to the preferences of the company raising capital. These offers are generally quicker and easier to prepare and complete but don’t carry the added benefits of equity crowdfunding such as marketing awareness and wide investor spread. Some companies prefer fewer, large investors, while others may prefer a high number of small investors. Investment opportunities on Equitise are usually syndicated (or led) by strategic investors or venture capital firms with track records of successful exits. Our fundraising team works with clients to determine the best path forward based on the objectives and preferences of a company’s management.

How we select wholesale offers

While there are fewer disclosure requirements, at Equitise we still hold ourselves to our high standard of due diligence when assessing potential companies. Equitise will only agree to host a wholesale investment opportunity on our platform if we are happy with the level of due diligence that has been performed on the business and the level of commitment in the round by cornerstone investors.

Ready to start investing in wholesale deals?

See if you qualify as a wholesale/sophisticated investor by reading here. If you do qualify, you'll have to verify your accredited investor status.

Equitise reviews investor applications within 1-3 business days. The minimum investment size is between $5K and $25K per deal.

Once you're successfully verified, you'll be able to invest in all of our exciting wholesale offers.

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