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How to create your investor account
How to create your investor account
Get started with Equitise by creating your own investor account
Written by Stewart Na
Updated over a week ago

Opening an account is simple. There are only 4 steps to complete in order to open an account and become ready to invest.

Let's get started!

1. Create an account by either clicking 'REGISTER' or 'SIGN UP TO INVEST' if on the offer page.

The direct link to register can also be found here.

2. Sign up and provide your personal details

We'll need the below details from you to complete your registration.

3. Confirm your email address

You'll receive an email shortly after you sign up prompting you to confirm your email address.

4. Head to the dashboard and verify your identity using 1 of 3 options

That's it!

You're now ready to invest in any of our campaigns using either debit card or direct debit. View all our current offers below.

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